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April 2009 Winner - The 20th Special BDay!

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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April 2009 Winner - The 20th Special BDay!

Postby popifun » April 5th, 2009, 8:49 am


I wanted to do something special with my birthday this year. After a lot of searcing I came up with this site which seemed really interesting and fun. so I ordered the game and the preparation began!

I had various ideas on how i could make this special:
First of all I started with the usual: bar, poker table in the kitchen then I added the ballroom, lounge room, the brothel (which was locked and had a sign with the minutes and the prizes for the entrance, while inside, striptease music was playing, along with some spicy movie scenes(!).) Moreover, I created a movies room in which 1920's movies were playing, especially Charlie Chaplin.

I created a big poster with the pictures of the attendees and the characters they were playing, along with a note: "whose the victim(s)? whose the vilain(s)? in the 4 Dueces, they are all suspects." along with another one I put on the entrance door. spontaneous notes or posters were hanging all over the house such us a non smoking sign or "Beware pick pocketing and loose women" or wc instructions!..

Every week I was sending links and info to the guests to get them into the spirit.
How to play poker, 1920's life and fashion, tips of the game, 20's dance, slang dictionary etc.

Then it came the food, fried ravioli, chicken balls, cheesy sticks and the sweet: cupcakes, brownies, chocolate chip cookies.

The music was my best touch. I made a special CD for the night that started with orchestra songs of the 1920's, moved to charleston and jass and blues and then I spiced it up a little bit to get everyone in the dancing mood with Marilyn Monroe, Little Richard and Elvis Presley (I know they are not 20's but it did the trick, everyone used the ballroom!)

Lastly, the night before, everyone got their password anagram:

Time For A Commercial Break
Unscramble the 15 letters below to form a common four-word phrase that urges radio listeners to stay tuned.

A A D D H I L N N O R T T T T U ' !

some of them found it, others had a problem with our doorman!


Everybody knew, they should be here on 8.30 "you don't wanna be late" I informed them.

The 20's links did the work, everybody came dressed, others with extreme outfits others with some modern touches, but everybody came prepared for a fun night!

Big Jim was the doorman, who greeted everybody demanding the code. Poor Baroness, she didn't manage to unscramble the anagram and Big Jim demanded a percentage of her money.

Everybody first signed the attendees sheet and then entered where Madame Meme (myself) greeted them with their envelopes. Later Don Wonnabe as bartender poured them a drink they have first chosen from the drinks catalogue, (which included drinks such us: 4 deuces special, bloody Mary, brandy sour, brothel's preasure(!)). We then took their photos and the fun began!

We read the brief Guest List Worksheet of each character aloud and I read the host announcment. after that everyone was hesitant what to do next because no one played a murder mystery game before. I as Meme was approaching everyone to help them get in the spirit, and I was promoting our brothel! Soon after; Carrie and Vicky started fighting aloud and later Rebecca joined with the Baroness! After spliting them up, they were defamating each other to the other guests. I remember characteristically when Vicky was playing poker, Vanessa wanted to join with Carrie, but they said bitterly: "we will come later, when they are not insulting beings present"!

Big Jim clicked his glass and wanted to make an importand announcement but the lights went out and a bang sound filled the room. I could hear terrified voices and then the lights were back on and Big Jim was lying dead. Carrie and the Baroness started shouting and screaming and crying!

And so the game went on, big jim had to come back as the inspector (due to the lack of males). he was introduced and he started questioning one by one the suspects, taking notes on his small notepad. later on, the evidence were presented and the scavenger hunt started. Only two of the weapon cards were found but soon after, two murders ocurred at exactly the same time! Meme was killed in the lounge room and Rebecca in the brothel! Everybody started screaming and chaos occured! No one is to be trusted!

A very funny sequel was the one of Capo Toto Tequilla who taking advantage of the absence of Rhett Bumbler, he was all over Rebecca all night long! He was giving her flowers, making her complements, He event devoted her a song! (the funniest bit was that Capo toto was played by a woman!)

A small time-out for a birthday cake and a happy birthday that was still in character since on the cake was written: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEME

The miggling that occured was indescribable. In a moment I noticed that the dealer wasn't on his position but after I looked for him, I was told that he was in a mission of ovehearing conversations for a specific someone(!)

In the meantime, Al Capone was spreading fake rumors to Baroness Ravioli, who took them seriously and started blackmailing!

After wild ballroom dancing, the night came to an end and the solution was read. Absolutely no one could guess the actual murderer! After that; the awards were given. Best performer to Baroness Ravioli for her terrific fighting with everybody(!), Best costume to Madam Meme, Best dancing to Vicky for her great dance bit, was it to impress someone?! :twisted: Wealthiest player was Capo Toto tequila who was saved last minute from murder because of his immunity action card and so he knew that the same person who was going to kill him, went after Rebecca, so after a strong blackmailing, he got the 2/3 of her/his money!

And that's how the 4 deuces night came to an end, who knows, maybe they will meet again...

- Unreliable guests, Al Capone didn't showed up at all, but we changed U.S congressman's character last minute.
- guests turning up late. it completely delayed us half an hour. People can be rude. I do try my best to assign the most reliable to the required characters. I also make it clear how important it is to be on time or they will know my wrath!
- tired host. I couldn't enjoyed my party that I spent 2 months preparing due to baking and cooking and decorating the house. . . so unfair... / bit of advise cook as little as possible or at least ask someone else to help you out. DO NOT do anything all alone. This is why I HIGHLY suggest an easy buffet or even better a pot luck!
- host with too many responsibilities. I took a main character since I didn't wonna miss the fun but it turned out, I missed most of it because I couldn't catch up with everyting. I was so frustrated that I swore I had taken a second character instead. This is covered in the forum. If you are going all out and will be busy with normal party hosting duties, we do not suggest a main character. But, best is to have a friend help out and then make the food as simple as possible. Paper plates, napkins and plastic ware are also huge helpers for a host.
- revealed murderer to host. important: inform the guests that being the host doesn't mean knowing everything. the main murderer was revealed to me before i could prevent it! possible solution: assign to co-host the responsibility of weapon card murders so as to have to guess something yourself. That was irresponsible of the guest and goes against the instructions in their character background booklet. Every background booklet states the following: 'Other than informing people who your character is, it is important that you DO NOT discuss your character’s information with anyone else before the game starts. If you do so, you are likely to give away secrets and spoil the game - mainly for yourself & the person you told! This is especially true if you are the killer!'
- cleaning. so wearisome. because of redecorating the whole house and even moving the furniture around to make room for the ballroom. cleaning can be so excausing...
- language. most of the people had absolutely no problem with the language but since we are native greek speakers, one person had difficulty reading his character and nobody could help him because we didn't want any secrets revealed... Could have copy and pasted it into an online translator. They have lots of free ones on the web.


- people sharing your excitment and looking forward to the party!
- fun game. it quarantees a special night everybody would remember for days.
- bad selfs. this game helps you reveal your interesting hidden bad self. it turns out the best and that is a lot of fun!!!
- different life. you get to spend some hours in someone else's shoes, even if that someone is the a murderer!
- enjoing the hosting. even if it's tiriring, it's a lot of fun and you get to use a lot of creativity skills you didn't know you had!
- another age. we learned how the roaring age was like. although it was fun, i prefer the 21st century! :P
- creativity skills. people had a lot of fun chosing those outfits.
- good friends. friends to stay up until late to help you clean the house. those friends are the reason you did the party all along!
- people looking forward to the next murder mystery game because they had fun.
- complements about the fun special night from everyone.
- Mary Lee for creating those magnificent games!

that was all folks...
until next time
don't change that dial!

ps: if somebody wants any help with their preparation or would like some posters or material feel free to ask. i have plenty and i could simply email it to you.
ps: a guest just sent me a video she did from photos of the night. you can check it out here: ... night.html

in the meantime, ENJOY OUR PHOTOS:

the poker room and the ballroom (Capo Toto insisted on Rebecca offering him a dance!)
2 of the murders
Rebecca and Vicky Ravioli
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