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Nov 2009 Co-Winner: A Roaring (20's) Success

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Nov 2009 Co-Winner: A Roaring (20's) Success

Postby courtney » November 22nd, 2009, 5:34 pm

Note from Mary Lee, Dinner and a Murder owner: I had a lot of great entries for our November contest, but two of them really stood out and I could not choose between them, so we made the decision to give them both a certificate. Congratulations!

My husband and I had attended several murder mystery parties over the years, and decided we wanted to throw our own. I began searching the internet for the perfect party and fell in love with The Four Deuces.

We chose The Four Deuces for three reasons: 1, it appeared to have a lot more substance than many other parties on the web; 2, we could play along and solve the mystery, unlike most other parties; and 3, we knew that guys would get really excited about dressing up as gangsters.

After playing the game, I have to say that all three of the above were true. It had a lot more depth than other games we had played in the past, which was great, because nobody got bored. In fact, nobody wanted the game to end! We are already planning on doing Four Deuces 2. My husband and I were both able to play without knowing who the murderer was, and the “extra” murder that happened shocked everyone! Finally, the guys got into the game just as much as the girls, and some went to even greater lengths for their costumes. It was a blast.

We used the online RSVP system, which saved us a fortune in stamps and made it very easy to communicate with our guests.

We set up our entire house for the party, using black, gold, red, and green as our colors. We used our living room as a “lounge area,” the dining room for food, an upstairs bedroom as “MeMe’s Matchmaking” and an empty room as a casino. For our casino room, we borrowed card tables and covered them with gold tablecloths and green felt tops. We printed off pictures of 1920’s celebrities—and Al Capone’s mug shot—and autographed them to Don and Meme. We hung them all over the walls, like restaurants used to do. We put up signs over our tables, deeming certain areas for poker, texas hold’em, and blackjack. We printed off instructions for each of the games and placed them on each table for novice gamblers. We set up a “bank” with extra money and poker chips, and hung a sign saying that if anyone was caught stealing from Don Wannabe’s bank, they would have to deal with Al Capone. Of course, this made the bank even more tempting, and several guests found ways to swipe a few extra bucks.

Before the party, I sent out an email with “clues” for people to figure out the password.
It can be found in the slang dictionary
The first letter of the password is the fourth letter of Al Capone’s middle name
The definition is something you can find inside the party
The password is 6 letters long
The password is also the name of a town in New York.

Figure out the password, or deal with our bouncer, Al Capone. ... ionary.pdf

I painted a large “Four Deuces Grand Opening” sign and placed it on an easel by the front door. We rolled a red carpet down the sidewalk for our guests. Each guest had to give the password to Al Capone before entry, and bribe their way in if they guessed wrong.

As each guest arrived, we gave them a small gift bag with a notebook, pen, play money, and a nametag; as well as a small party favor—a chocolate bar printed to look like money. I placed each character’s profile into their bag as well, just in case they forgot to bring theirs. It was also a great place to put confrontations and evidence for certain characters.

After the murder, we served a traditional Italian dinner—spaghetti and meatballs. One of our guests worked at an Italian restaurant, so she was able to bring us fresh baked bread and salad. We asked the rest of our guests to bring their favorite appetizer or dessert, and gave prizes to anyone who tied their dish into the murder mystery theme. The guests enjoyed showing off their culinary skills, and got very creative with their dishes!

It was fantastic how everyone got into character and played their parts. There was so much more to the game than the original murder. Some characters blackmailed others, and some joined together to play against their enemies. My husband and I particularly enjoyed playing Don and Meme. We allied together, and he was able to keep me in the loop even when I got busy serving food and drinks. I was able to gain cash and secrets from guests who wanted a little extra help with the weapons clues and scavenger hunts.

The inspector chose to engage in more bribery and extortion than anyone, and ended up being the richest player in the game.

After the party, we gave out prizes and certificates for our party winners—a flapper headband for the girl with the best costume, poker cards for the guy with the best costume, “Clue” candy boxes for everyone who solved the mystery, chocolate coins for the character with the most money, and a big “star” for the best performer.

The game ended around ten, but some guests stayed around until nearly three am! Everyone is already claiming which character they want to play in the next one.

The night was a roaring (‘20s) success!

Don and Meme Wannabe outside the Four Deuces
Al Capone, Vicky Ravioli, Congressman Toosteal, Capo Toto Tequila, and Carrie Crooner
Don Wannabe faking astonishment that there has been a second murder in his establishment. But the second murder was by Don's own hand... hehe.
The Inspector reading Don Big Jim's will
Donna Wannabe, Carrie Crooner, Vicky Ravioli, and Rebecca Ravioli playing poker
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Re: A Roaring (20's) Success- the Four Deuces

Postby 2coolbaby » November 28th, 2009, 6:29 pm

I now have to go and try to solve your password riddle! That was a neat idea and I really appreciate you sharing it.
Mary Lee
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