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July Entry - Murder at the Four Deuces

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July Entry - Murder at the Four Deuces

Postby katiemarie » November 8th, 2010, 11:31 pm

The night started out like any other night - a few friends, some gambling, women and a little hooch. However, the evening soon turned disastrous when "Big Jim" wound up dead on the floor with a bullet prematurely ending his speech and his life.

Surprisingly, none of the guests seemed to mind at the interruption to their evening and continued on with their conversations and drinks. Of course, the killer remained silent and soon the guests began to suspect their comrades. Madam MeMe and Don Wannabe had the situation under control, the body was soon 'disposed' of and dinner was served outside on the patio. Guests were entertained during dinner with lively Big Band music and interesting conversations, where certain suspicions arose. At the end of the evening, guests completed their scavenger hunt clues and began scouring the premises looking for hidden weapons to help them on their mission or to ward off those getting too close to any secrets they wish to keep hidden.

Throughout the evening, guests were able to partake in various activities including the speakeasy or gambling rooms in the basement; hors douevres, the smoking room or the brothel with the ladies of night upstairs. The night was warm so guests purused the grounds looking for clues to Big Jim's murder or to meet up with a lover or co-conspirator. Soon after dinner, Al Capone was found murdered in one of the brothel rooms with an ice pick in his back. While the Inspector was looking over the body for clues, Congressman Toosteal was found murdered with a brick stuffed purse on the stairwell.

The guests began to worry and question their alliances; this seemed to increase the use of bribery, trickery, extortion and secret rendezvous to protect secrets. When Donna Wannabe was found with a letter opener in her chest on the front lawn, hysteria almost abound. When Capo “Toto” Tequila called everyone together, many assumed it was to ease any fears or suspicions and to annouce his intentions concerning a deal between the Chicago and New York families. It was soon evident that Toto had other things in mind when he shocked everyone by publicly killing Rebecca Ravioli, not only because she was Big Jim's killer, but because she had lied and led him into believeing they might be married one day, solidifying the union between the two families, when she was really married to Sly Sleaze; and because he was paid $5000 by the Baroness to get rid of her. He even threatened to whack anyone else who got in his way to expanding his empire or if anyone threatened to expose this crime and call the coppers. Since 5 guests had been murdered, Madam MeMe called the evening to a close, much to the dismay of Vicky Ravioli, who was involved with the recently deceased Congressman, because she tried to seek revenge on Don Wannabe, the Congressman's killer. However, Don Wannabe was able to procure an additional weapon to kill his sister, Donna because she began blackmailing him. Overall, the guests left with some unforgetable memories, a good laugh, and some suspicions if they'll be swimming with the fishes the next time they visit the Four Deuces.
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