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FOUR DEUCES NYE - Most Fun Any Of Us Have Had In A Long Time

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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FOUR DEUCES NYE - Most Fun Any Of Us Have Had In A Long Time

Postby thawal » January 5th, 2007, 1:51 pm

Hello and Happy New Year! ~ We can't thank you enough for your exciting Dinner and a Murder Four Deuces kit! Our guests were saying that it was the most fun they've had in a long time! :lol:

We decorated the front door with a traditional speakeasy peek hole with just a picture of the four deuce cards and used a password for entry (we used your suggestion of 'Hoochie Mama' because it made us all laugh so much). Because we were limited to space with just referred to the brothel upstairs even though it really wasn't there. We had jazz playing in one room and a curtain separating it from the gambling room and bar.

People were so engrossed in their characters and plots and gambling that only one person solved the murder (and even she 'guessed'), but it certainly didn't hurt the fun! People really went to great lengths to look their part, the costumes were just amazing! The person playing Al Capone even did some research on where his scars should go and things Al said often so he could be convincing. One of the ladies came in with a black eye - it took me a minute to realize it was part of the costume -- Sooo convincing! We picked a great guy to play Big Jim and he utterly embraced his "Boss/Ladies Man" attitude. Big Jim's costume was great with a walking stick that had the largest diamond I'd ever seen on top! When we shut the power off to the house to make it utterly dark people really thought that the power had gone down and it really made it all feel real.

I wish I had video taped the event to watch over again and see little things that only a a video could capture. We have already expressed to those that attended and those that were not able to make it that NYE this year would be spent acting out the sequel! I think with your help we've made a new tradition that hopefully will continue for many years to come! Warm wishes, Thais and Matt - Mansfield MA

We wrote up a little expose (see below) without giving away any "secrets" of course. We hope you like it and the pictures!

The Gangster Weekly News
A Family Owned Publication for over 10 years

New Years Celebration Marred by Murders - by Gilda "Red Scribbles" Gossip
Jan 1, 1921 - Chicago

It was a cold evening, but the sky was clear and the moon almost full. Excitement was in the air! This would prove to be a celebration beyond compare. Don and Madam MeMe Wannabe had invited the creme de la creme of society to the grand opening of their newest venture, The Four Deuces and to ring in 1921 in style. Some of the more important attendees were part of the infamous Ravioli Family, feared in Chicago for some time and the self-proclaimed boss Capo "Toto" Tequila from New York and a few others rumored to be local gangsters. However, we were assured by Big Jim Ravioli himself, standing alongside his new bride Carrie Crooner-Ravioli, an up and coming opera star, that "this night was for celebrating his new marriage and his friends new speakeasy..." apparently there would be a night off from business.

Also in attendance from the Ravioli family were Big Jim's mother The Baroness, his daughter Rebecca and even his ex-wife Vicky made an appearance. Other important friends of the Wannabes made an appearance, including Al Capone, Congressman Tootsteal and his lovely wife, Sly Sleaze (a business associate of the Ravioli family), a gambler in town by the name of Rhett Bumbler, a man named Cash Steal and even the Mayor. A surprising attendee was the Inspector. After proclaiming to be a "Bridge Inspector", it was later revealed that he was in fact there to investigate a gangland murder from a few nights ago.

Entering the Four Deuces, one was immediately surrounded by lovely music, decadent smells of food, beverages, money and women. It was clear no expense was spared on this evening. After a lovely welcome by Madam MeMe, hors d'oeuvres were served as well as champagne and other "outlawed" beverages.

Don Wannabe opened up the gambling room and people enjoyed some black-jack, craps, and roulette while listening to the latest jazz from the dining room. In spite of the obvious law breaking the Inspector seemed to fit right in. This reporter saw him getting cozy with The Baroness; maybe he had another motive in joining this crowd?

All seemed to be going well when the power suddenly went out, a gun shot fired, and someone screamed. When the lights came back up moments later, an important figure had been shot dead and everyone became a suspect. Madam MeMe and Don Wannabe were in shock that their fine establishment was not safe, despite their stringent security efforts including a passworded entrance and gun-check at the door. Everyone was on edge, looking around the room with new eyes. Fortunately for the guests, the Inspector was there to help sort the mess out.

During his questioning of the group a second murder took place, but this time the cause of death was not immediately known and poison was suspected. At this point the entire crowd wished to leave, but the Inspector would hear none of it. People were separated and questioned further until the Inspector with the help of Madam MeMe finally solved the double murder. Folks were finally able to go home, celebration of the new year forgotten.

People walked to their cars and stumbled to their taxis shivering just a little more from the events of the night than the chill in the air. The Inspector indicated that the Four Deuces would remain open although he would keep an extra close eye on it and anyone associated with it. Although two lives were lost this reporter has never had a more exciting new year's eve to experience and then relay to my faithful readers. :D

More photos from the night:
Big Jim and his new wife Carrie. Not his "real gal" but the acting was so good you would never know! Her costume was complete vintage too right down to the stockings and shoes
RavioliandCarrie.jpg (29.62 KiB) Viewed 2329 times
Toto and MeMe negotiating a price for one of the girls "upstairs"
TotoandMeMenegotiating.jpg (28.41 KiB) Viewed 2328 times
Gangsters of the evening! They'd as soon shoot ya as look at ya!
ganstersforcontest.jpg (33.94 KiB) Viewed 2333 times
The Broads of the evening. We felt Sepia lent an authentic feel to the photos.
Broadsforcontest2.jpg (31.02 KiB) Viewed 2332 times
Al Capone bouncer and enforcer - If I didn't know any better I'd think this was the real Al and not my brother
AlCaponeandgunforcontest.jpg (29.55 KiB) Viewed 2333 times
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