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Winner! Four Deuces 30th Bday

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Winner! Four Deuces 30th Bday

Postby Bec' » April 19th, 2013, 2:32 pm

For my husbands 30th birthday party I purchased the Murder at the Four Deuces game. I had a hard time deciding on which company and which game to get for him, but all the reviews for this particular game were great, and every review was correct! It was such a fun and great game! We had about 24 people, so I purchased the additional characters. Each guest came very well dressed (some even in wigs!). We had all ages at the party, from 18 all the way up to 80-something. Everyone understood and played their part very well.

We started the evening with everyone showing up to the 4 Deuces. Al Capone was running late, so Don Wannabe took the honors of greeting his guests. We created a casino in the dining room with a poker table, black jack table, and a yahtzee table. Black Jack was played the most, so next time I will make all the tables black jack. I turned my son's playroom into the Bar. Fitting, right? We made the guest bedroom the Brothel with red bulbs and scarves, feather boas, and even handcuffs. The living room was our Dance room where we had some jazz music playing.

I decided to serve heavy appetizers, and that seemed to work well. People could mingle, eat, and not worry about sitting down to eat (therefore my casino games iin the dining room could be played all night). We had meatballs, finger sandwiches, fruit, veggie, and cheese platters, proiscutto wrapped mozzarella, and chips and spinach dip. I also made a cake that looked like a tuxedo out of edibe sugar sheets and took my biggest knife and stabbed the cake. I had red icing coming out of the wound. Everyone loved the cake.

The game started off great! Carrie Crooner Ravioli gave her first performance after the host announcement was read, and she continued to perform all night long. I I had my victim perform all their tasks, and then the murder happened. After that the inspector (my 82 year old grandfather) pronounced that person dead and ordered the removal of the body. THe next little while everyone was chatting, plotting, and using their money in any way necessary. Some were using their money for answers, some in gambling, and some were paying people to do things for them. I got candy cigarettes and ring pops as favors, but they were all used during the game. We then did the scavenger hunt for the weapo cards. After all the weapon cards were found is when the insanity happened. People were dying left and right (most of them in the brothel). Some of those murdered were robbed after before I could get to them to "find" them. (I don't want to say names so that the game isn't ruined). People were also selling weapon cards for more money. In the end, we had one get the correct answer for the main killer. Several were close and many guessed the other 4 murders correctly. We had such a fun time, and my family keeps telling me what a great time they had.
Cash Steal and Greasy Thumbs
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We gambled for real! A little Left, Right, Center going on!
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A whole lot of gambling going on with Rhett Bumbler
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The Inspector giving his speech
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The cake!
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Carrie, The Congressman, and Serina Siren
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Re: Winner! Four Deuces 30th Bday

Postby EdwardMBragg » January 22nd, 2021, 1:19 am

First of all, happy birthday to your husband. Your husband is lucky to have you. On my last birthday, my wife shared the link with me and told me that over here I can play games and can earn money. You can also share that site with your husband, I am sure he will love it.
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