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March 2006 Winner - Nicole

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Teen Rated Murder Mystery Parties!

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March 2006 Winner - Nicole

Postby nicoleamy1020 » March 31st, 2006, 10:38 pm

Dear Marylee,

We pulled it off. For the twins twelve birthdays we hosted the teen version of The Four Deuces Murder mystery. What a blast! First of all, I must say that usually we have a rollerblading party, but when the twins came to me and mentioned a murder mystery, I didn’t know what to think. But I decided that I would do it. Well let me tell you, I had a blast also.

I made sure that the twins helped pick and choose whose character their friends would play. They did a great job. We also went by your suggestions as far as picking the murderer, the murdered person, and matching couples. I printed the invitations on glossy tri-fold Brochure paper. They looked great. I had an envelope prepared with the gangster newsletter, character information, and guest list. Since, it was a birthday party, I also included a short letter telling our guests that we are celebrating the twins birthday with a murder mystery and if they can’t attend, to please let us know because their character was a key role. Off to school, the girls went to hand-deliver these special sealed envelopes. It was the talk of the town. Each and every tween were so excited. They read, planned, and plotted. I was initially worried if everyone would like his or her character, but this wasn’t a problem at all. Each character had a special flair and each tween was delighted to dress to the occasion and act out their character. The anticipation was great and the kids counted down the days to the party.

Meanwhile, I moved into action. I used a lot of the resources provided on But I also had some ideas of my own. I called the art teacher at one of our public school that the girls attended and asked if they had any props. I was in luck. They had roaring 20’s flapper dresses, headpieces, fedora and gangster hats and a cane. I then spoke with the art teacher and discussed how I wanted to have a red carpet for the guests to be announced as they entered. She suggested using a large rolled red paper carpet. I borrowed a chrome light on a tri-pod for the spotlight.

Luckily enough, while parents were responding to the party, some of the older siblings of the guests offered to help me. (I really need to mention that all of the boy’s parents called and RSVP to the party. The boys were just as excited if not more excited than the girls. It was a pleasant surprise for me since the twins are both girls.) I ended with three teens volunteers that were absolutely fantastic. One teen, took pictures of the guests as they walked down the red carpet and another teen volunteer took their photo. But before they got to walk down the red carpet, one parent who is a police officer, dressed up as a keystone cop and helped welcome our guests and distribute the envelope with play money and nametags. During the party, the keystone cop stood on duty and monitored the party. In exchange for homemade lasagna, Raviolis, murderous meatballs, and Italian bread the cop was paid in full. I also need to mention, that I initially planned on having the party at home, but the guest list grew to about 30 tweens. So I called a local church and for a very reasonable price, rented space that was perfect. It had roll-up windows to a kitchen, female and male bathrooms, parking for drop-off, plenty of chairs and tables, a great entranceway with a place to hang coats while the guests were being checked in. I also brought my laptop and printer just in case I needed any of the information and had it on a table in the foyer. That was a smart move on my part. I printed misplaced information, as needed, was able to go over some of the parts for kids who forgot what they needed to do and the murder happened right on queue.

My husband dressed up as a gangster, shut the lights off, while the keystone cop popped a balloon to mimic a gunshot. Their timing was perfect, the body dropped. My girlfriend also got into the action. She dressed as a beautiful 20’s gal wearing a 1920’s antique beaded headpiece and dress. Before the party, she drew an outline of a body on a large piece of cardboard. While the body was being carried away, we put the outline of the body in the place where the murder occurred. It was great. Each prop or special touch made the evening even more exciting and fun. Dinner was served and the packets with their secrets were handed out.

The dinner and drink menu were fun to create. The teen helpers stood on the other side of one of the roll up kitchen windows and prepared our special drink menu that was posted on both sides of the windows. Parents do not be surprised but Black Jack was one of the most popular drinks. The description for the popular Black Jack drink is the richest, darkest chocolate milk to be found in Chicago. Once the dinner was finished, and the place cleared of the gold and black themed paper plates; dessert was served. Dessert consisted of “Death by chocolate.â€
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