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Re: Murder at the Four Deuces, boxed signs question

PostPosted: September 15th, 2011, 12:45 am
by 2coolbaby
Hello Lhinnan,

I know this answer is probably too late for you, but I hope you sent the question to our customer service email or phoned for an answer. At the time you posted this, I was right in the middle of a move and divorce, so the forum suffered. I apologize for that. I still wanted to answer, for others that might have this situation.

I think there is one piece that is important for just the reason you mentioned. If anyone has questions about changing a specific piece of a game, it would be best to email that question to customer service. This is so we can determine the best answer in a timely manner and also ensue we do not give away any information in the forum that can be too revealing. I am all for encouraging creativity in the game and decorations. We just need to be sure that they don't mess with the game itself in the process.