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Murder at the Four Deuces - In Africa

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Murder at the Four Deuces - In Africa

Postby katiepecbvda » December 12th, 2016, 7:50 am

So a bunch of us are volunteering for a year or longer on Mercy Ships, a hospital ship providing free medical care to the poor in West Africa. And last weekend 12 of us were able to get away to stay in this huge mansion on the beach that's super cheap. The perfect place for a Murder Mystery Party.

Not being in America or Europe, our costume options were limited to what we ourselves have in our tiny cabins or what other crew members let us borrow, but we all worked hard to have fun costumes. I'm the girl in the guy's outfit in the middle (Don Wannabe). Another girl played Rhett Bumbler and wore all black and taped playing cards all over herself.

A few of us played a murder mystery I got from a different company several months back and we did it all in one room. I don't recommend that for this one. A house with several rooms and outdoor areas is preferable for private conversations and so someone could kill a person without necissarily getting caught (even though no one killed anyone. One person kept trying to kill me but I wouldnt go anywhere in private with him because I knew).

I must say the other murder mystery I did was cool, but this one was awesome. It wasn't as confusing. People could make more stuff up and just roll with it. And I also liked that I could still play even though I was the host. We had sooooo much fun.

The only complaint was from the guy who played the Inspector that he didn't have as much information as everyone else, but honestly he still did pretty well and was still constantly talking to people.

My friend Anna (who played Carrie Crooner) was the one who purchased the game because my credit card wasn't working, but she screwed up and bought the sequal to the first one, so she had to buy the first one too. So I think we are going to play Four Deuces 2 a few days before Christmas, but we would definitely love to be entered into the contest to win a different one, so we can play another one in early 2017 :)

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