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The Immortal Murders: Foulplay

PostPosted: December 30th, 2009, 6:16 pm
by fouplay
Foulplay: A Murder Mystery Club proudly presents our Halloween game, The Immortal Murders!

The Immortal Murders was our 3rd game as Foulplay, a murder mystery club at my university and it was an absolute hit! Every time our members get better and better at what makes murder mystery games so much fun- lying, blackmailing, cheating, murder. The Immortal Murders was our best game yet.

As a club, Foulplay got off to a great start this school year. We advertised at our school’s info fair and got lots of new interest in our club. Some had never played a murder mystery and were intrigued, others were seasoned players. Some had even played Mary Lee’s games before! The best thing we heard was when people would come to our table exclaiming, “Oh is this the murder mystery club?!” It’s nice to know we are making a name for ourselves on campus.

We had 30 members for The Immortal Murders so we purchased the extra character packet as well. To determine who plays who, everyone sends me their top three characters which works surprisingly well; members almost always get one of their top choices. We also have more girls than guys so I opened it up for girls to pick a male character and many girls liked that.

Before our games, we always host a few club events for everyone to get to know each other before the games; we find it makes people more comfortable and better players. We hosted a movie night where we watched Young Frankenstein and everyone enjoyed playing the game Werewolves, a version of the card game Mafia. We also carved pumpkins to display during the game using flickering plastic candles (no real candles allowed at college!).

For decorations, we divided the room into three rooms, a ballroom, a dining area, and a courtyard/graveyard. For the courtyard we had outlines of cats against the walls and bat outlines against the windows and strung on a string between the walls. We also set up a graveyard with tombstones with names of characters that met tragic fates in our other games (RIP Al Capone and Don Wannabe). We scattered leaves and branches, adorned the room in fake plants, pumpkins, and hung cobwebs from the corners. With the windows propped open for a chilly fall breeze, the lights dimmed, and with a small strobe light, it gave it a great spooky feel and people remarked throughout the night how creepy it was in there.

Our ballroom was where we kept all the information, including the evidence. We set up a table to display the evidence on and set up a mock crime scene which really helped people remember to look at the evidence. We got long sheets of butcher paper and outlined two people in sprawled positions and cut them out. Then we roped off the area in crime scene tape. We also decorated the room with a huge spider web on the wall made out of string, cobwebs, a cardboard coffin, and fake candles. Our soundtrack of the night consisted of Thriller, Phantom of the Opera, and other spooky tunes.

In our dining area, we printed off black and white Victorian photos and hung them around the room. Our historian also drew us five signs, one for each clan to hang up like family crests. For food we had a mix of chips, carrots, apples with caramel dip, pumpkin seeds, brownies, cookies, and lots of Halloween candy on ripped white cloth table-cloths. We had two themed punches as well. Queen Tatiana brought Fairy Berry punch, a mix of sprite, cranberry juice, and frozen blueberries. She also made a frozen ice hand floating in the punch using a glove. Natasha also brought Vampire Blood; black cherry and cranberry juice with a bit of cornstarch.

The game itself was an absolute blast. I have played Immortal Murders before with my high school friends and this game was totally different! It really goes to show just how much the people playing the characters influence how the game is played. Everyone had no problem getting into their character and the costumes were fantastic. The murder happened suddenly, much to everyone’s surprise; quite a few screams were heard at the time that did not belong to those murdered. The Inquisitor attempted to keep order as the shocked crowd gathered around the murder scene. The Inquisitor was seemingly apathetic, pushing away those who tried to get too close. When they protested, saying the murdered was their friend, he replied with a curt “I don’t care.”

Everyone quickly got into the spirit of the game, the plotting, schmoozing, and blackmailing occurred very quickly. The hit of the night was the spell cards. Everyone had so much fun with the 30 spell cards that we are making our very own action cards for our next game, The Santa Clause. We passed out weapon cards halfway through the game. In previous games when we got weapon cards right after the murder occurred, we had murders within the first ten minutes which ruins the game for those killed. However, since everyone got paranoid about being killed, the only way to use a weapon card was publicly. We had three public murders that night; I was even tapped on the shoulder with a weapon card while I was killing another person! Everyone had a good time with very elaborate death scenes though while that worked for this game, I later stressed that in future games our characters would not want to be caught!

The game drew to a close with our last two deaths and we enjoyed sharing our secrets, many were surprised by the amount they didn't know during the game. Prince Allendro stole best costume and best actor both for his silky sinister words and elaborate costume complete with red-colored contacts. We talked about the game for hours afterward and it still gets brought up frequently. Everyone wants an Immortal Murders 2! It was great seeing our new members play for the first time and how excited they are for the next one.

Our next game will be The Santa Clause with our own action cards and an in-character white elephant! Thanks for making our first game of the year such a huge hit and we look forward to the next!

President of Foulplay: A Murder Mystery Club


Crests drawn by our historian.

Part of our crime scene outline

The Mage Court. Top Row: Arthur, Morganna, Merlin. Bottom row: Guinevere, Morgan Le Fay, Gaiwen

Group Shot

Our winner, Prince Allendro, (the photo is not uploading so I just posted a link): ... Dquinn.jpg

Re: The Immortal Murders: Foulplay

PostPosted: February 3rd, 2010, 10:42 am
by 2coolbaby
I love your costumes. I am going to start a new topic with a link to blank action cards, word and pdf and then let people share their own here, so if you come up with some neat ones, let me know!

Re: The Immortal Murders: Foulplay

PostPosted: February 18th, 2010, 12:11 am
by fouplay
We did write 30 new action cards for The Santa Clause and we will probably re-write them for Murder at the Four Deuces 2 which is our next game (We just finished Murder at the Four Deuces 1). I will post a copy!

Re: The Immortal Murders: Foulplay

PostPosted: November 19th, 2020, 6:15 am
by HassanSpencer
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