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Feedback on Immortal Murders Murder Mystery Parties.

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Postby AlphaSquirell » February 5th, 2006, 10:00 pm

I noticed there were no reviews on this game, so I decided to post a review of when we did the game.

This was an outstanding game, and it was extremely fun. I would say it is the best game yet, but it's so hard to pick between this one and the 2 Four Deuces games. Having weapons is a great idea, as it kept people from dying as often, and you could even protect yourself and your friends if you got ahold of a weapon. Spells were fun, but they weren't used very often. Over half of the spells were used by a pair of guys (Arthur and Anubis) who would use the ones they found on the floor. (where other guests had dropped them)

My suggestion would be to make both the weapons and spells just a little bigger, simply so they are easier to keep track of. Other than that, it was great! Many of my guests were asking about an "Immortal Murders 2" as if it was obvious that there HAD to be another one. It was great fun, and by FAR the best way I can think of to spend a night at a costume party, at Halloween or otherwise.
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Postby bakerrabah » October 26th, 2007, 12:34 pm

I was a little worried that my Halloween party wasn't a good form for this game, but after seeing your review I should be ok. My husband said he wasn't sure if people were going to understand what they needed to do and was it too much, after reviewing the host guide, it's up to them how much fun they want to have. I'm sure there will be a lot of backstabbing going on. I can't wait!
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