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Death By Chocolate Review - June Entry

Feedback on Death By Chocolate Murder Mystery Parties.

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Death By Chocolate Review - June Entry

Postby akeduktr » June 12th, 2007, 10:11 pm

Well, I just finished my first murder mystery party last night. It turned out to be great fun! A teacher that I work with is getting married in about 2 weeks, I was thinking of having a spa party for a girls night out and then I saw your mystery DEATH BY CHOCOLATE and thought how much fun it would be to combine both events and create a different kind of party.

I did utilize your online event management system. It worked very well. I had a few people decline, and then I would invite more people from our staff. I was afraid for it to grow too large, as this was the first time I had done this type of party and I did not want it to get out of control. We were to have 12 ladies, but at the last minute one of our characters was unable to attend, it worked fine as I had not given her an essential part as she was about to be a grandma at any time.

As for crafty items, I made a bag for each guest. Inside the bags: nametag; money; character booklet; notepads that I had made; and a pencil. I tied ribbon around the bag handle for decoration.

I also put together three signs for the front of the house, one said, BEST WISHES CHASTITY & MILES, another said, WELCOME CORMAN PARTY, and the last was bright yellow with black lettering LADY GODIVA CHOCOLATE DAY SPA. I put a red boa around the yellow sign. I put your Flyer #1 in a picture frame and put it on the front door. Flyer #2 I put on a clipboard by the front door. It looked very festive as you approached the door unfortunately, it was a rainy day, so my signs were starting to curl a little.

We started the evening with my famous Godiva Chocolate Martinis and smoked salmon cheese rolls. Once everyone arrived, we had the announcement and began our characters confrontations.. It was great fun, and I was amazed at the creativity of the guests! I never knew we had such acting ability.

After the death, we read our confidential booklets and had dinner. Veggie Ravioli/Lasagna, salad and rolls. Dinner was wonderful and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The weapon scavenger hunt went well. All weapons cards were found within the time allowed.

After dinner we had our spa treatments. One of our teachers does sell spa products, so she hosted that portion of the evening. It was amazingly fun & funny! (We all had cream around our mouths, eye pads on our eyes, and our feet in a tub of warm water.) Great pictures too!

After the spa treatments, Chastity opened her presents and the evening wound down with the guessing of who was the murderer, etc. Two guests did guess correctly. After the discussion of our secrets, we spent a few minutes talking about the process of the mystery party. We did not have any other murders, so I think I probably did not do a thorough job explaining how & why you would use a weapon card to commit a murder. Also, guests thought if they knew who was coming ahead of time, and what character in the cast they were playing it might have helped at the beginning of the evening as people were getting their bearings and figuring out who they needed to speak to. If they knew who specifically was to play the character they needed an interaction with, it might have been an easier start. Everyone had a wonderful time, and thought it would be fun to try another murder mystery. It was surprising the actors that appeared throughout the night! What talent!!!
To welcome guests, I made 3 signs. The other two were to welcome the Corman Party, and to provide best wishes to Chastity and Miles.
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Oh no - a death!
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Justine with the mothers
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Mother of the Groom
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Chastity & Bonnie relax to take away the wedding nerves
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