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What are the best tips to a girl going for a date first time

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What are the best tips to a girl going for a date first time

Postby EricG » October 18th, 2020, 9:38 am

Now this is exactly my area of expertise. I've answered a very similar question on Quora before, but i'll make it more specific to your inquiry and improve on it, so here goes:

First off - WHERE you take girls on first dates doesn't matter all that much, as long as you don't take them on traditional wine & dine dates, because that just puts too much undue pressure on the both of you and screams to her that you're a boring, predictable and "safe" dude. Plus if you go to a movie or a play, you won't even be able to talk to each other, because it's gonna be too loud and distracting. There are certain exceptions to both, of course.

I've been on a couple of thousand dates (yes, thousand!) and by far the most successful dates that I've had were of a pretty casual nature, where I just took the girl to a cafe/coffee-shop, bar, or even for a walk in the park or a beach. However, in dates like this you have to fully depend on your own self to make the date great, because it all depends on your interaction with the girl: on your conversation skills, on your personality, humor, physicality, your ability to tease her and flirt with her, to make her experience your whole character and eventually to move the whole conversation and interaction onto more sexual topics and get more intimate with her. All of that, unfortunately, has to be learned and it would take ages to write it down in an answer like this.

That said, to have a fun, entertaining and above all a SUCCESSFUL first date for someone who's not too experienced, take her somewhere where you can both do some kind of physical activity together; like rollerblading, jungle-gym, indoor/outdoor rock climbing, dancing lesson and so on and so fort - there's hundreds of options. Because in dates like that you will have tons of opportunities to get physical with the girl - and it's a well known fact that the more touching and physicality you display during the date (not the creepy kind of touching, but something with a good context, like helping her climb something or do something, or dance with her, etc), the more comfortable she will become with you and the more successful your date will be. Without physicality there can't be any true sexual attraction and she won't feel comfortable with you.

Plus those kind of dates will never get boring, because if you suddenly run out of things to say - you can both just focus on the activity for a while. You can't do that sitting in a restaurant.

Another option is to take her somewhere where there's going to be a ton of emotions and action - like a theme-park, carnival, concert, fair, etc - a high octane high energy environment. If she gets loaded up with tons of positive emotions - she's going to have a wonderful time and associate those positive emotions with you. She might not remember every detail of the date after a while, but what she WILL remember is how she felt overall during the date.

The most important thing you have to remember is that girls will fall for you if you make them feel great. It doesn't matter what you do or what you say, girls will remember and love you for the way you make them feel.

Read and re-read that previous sentence a hundred times and make it your mantra. It's one of the most important things when it comes to being successful with women.

It's the way to make a lasting impression on someone and is even a famous quote by Maya Angelou "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Also, to help you out on your date, read this answer on Quora about what character traits girls find incredibly attractive: Andrius Saulis's answer to How can I be more attractive to women?

Anyway, this subject is too vast to write in a simple answer, I've actually written a whole book about having incredibly successful first dates.

You're welcome to check out my profile or follow me on Quora for more dating advice.

Good luck!
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Re: What are the best tips to a girl going for a date first

Postby Isabelle8 » October 19th, 2020, 2:48 am

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