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Another question about the guest list worksheet

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Another question about the guest list worksheet

Postby JayLeeSmiles » May 7th, 2007, 11:11 pm


I am very excited to play the Four Deuces! I am playing very soon, and in organizing the people I have discovered that there are 11 girls and 6-7 boys. The boys are all set, obviously. Now, I read in the forum that you can just skip over and give all the female roles. I am wondering if it's okay that say, for instance, there is a Guilda without a Jack, or a Cassandara without a Cash? A friend has volunteered to be a boy if need be, and I'm wondering if this is necessary.

I am also wondering if those that do not fall in the first ten characters will still play a big part in the plot. I have some friends who are really excited to play, but they fit more of the other roles. Will they be able to tell that they aren't a central character?

Thanks for all your help!
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Postby AlphaSquirell » May 17th, 2007, 6:21 am

Technically speaking, every character is a main character in THEIR plot. They will have their own agenda. If they aren't directly related to the murder, they'll be busy enough doing other things that it won't matter quite so much. In my experience they'll be less likely to solve it, but they'll still have a blast!

As far as the un-even number goes, Just play it as-is. If a guy dies, give him a different guy character. If one of the girls dies and wants to play a guy, have them switch over.

And it's entirely possible to have only half of a couple. That's okay. In my experience, some couples don't do much more than confide in each other. They have their own things to do, and being part of a couple means you have someone you can trust (well, someone you hope you can trust more, this is a "murder" mystery after all :wink: )

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