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DBC How many to invite?

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DBC How many to invite?

Postby akeduktr » May 20th, 2007, 9:35 pm

Hi. I am new to trying a murder mystery. One of the teachers I work with is getting married in June, so I thought this would be fun to do. My dilemma at this point is how large or small to make this - being my first time. I was thinking of 8-12 women, although I keep thinking of more I could invite! Should I force myself to keep it small or let it continue to grow?
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Postby 2coolbaby » May 21st, 2007, 9:07 am

There really is a reason that we write our kits for up to 20. The best party size is 10-20. That really is the optimum size for a murder mystery party. We also only offer enough extra character packets to go no higher than 50 guests. More than that and things can get very confusing in an interactive format. When you go to larger sizes we suggest changing the way your party is played (See Large Parties Topic).

We like to stay around 12-16 for our parties. That gives us enough to get lots of schemes going on, but not so many that things get confusing. Any party planning can be stressful. The more people you add to the mix, the more difficult things are & the more last minute pains you can experience.
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