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Uneven amount of guys and girls Killer Reunion

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Uneven amount of guys and girls Killer Reunion

Postby blessedmom302 » January 31st, 2008, 9:20 am

We bought the kit for "A Killer Reunion." We are very excited about our party! My question is that we will have mostly married couples but a few of my sisters are single. There is going to end up being an uneven amount of guys and girls--more girls than guys. How should we handle this? We should still be at under 20 guests. Would it be possible to assign them as some of the women who are listed as married in the game and are main characters but their "spouse" wouldn't be a part of the game? Or should we just order the extra character kit? Thank you for your help!
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Postby 2coolbaby » January 31st, 2008, 11:38 am

Just skip any males from the list, as long as they are secondary. Secondary "Couples" do not require both parties to be there.
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