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Questions about aspects of any of our games you might not understand or want to know more about.


Postby LeahG » August 8th, 2010, 2:44 am

I have just purchased this for my birthday in March and have a few questions. I will be playing and a friend who has written and hosted murder mysteries before will be running everything so that it isn't ruined for me.

Firstly, the setting - it says its a masquerade ball but most of the pictures on the website are halloween or medieval theme. Which setting is best, i'd like to go with the masquerade ball setting sparkly glittery etc but will this suit the theme or is it supposed to be medieval theme?

Secondly, we are hiring a venue for the event and will probably have around 30 people. How many rooms is best? I am thinking the main hall (dinner tables & dance floor) and then a seperate room for the "secret meeting" - are any other rooms required / benificial?

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Re: Decorations for Immortal Murders

Postby 2coolbaby » August 18th, 2010, 3:45 pm

The decision is really yours on how you want to decorate and theme your party. It does take place at a Masquerade, but a LOT of people host this game as a Halloween party, just because of the fact that they can costume and play immortal type characters. No matter how you decorate, you will still have people dressing in costumes for their character and the ball.

As far as space, I would say your idea is spot on and would work great.

I also wanted to add that you really do not need someone to host the party for you. Everyone can participate in our games. You just don't read the character backgrounds, confidentials, evidence, solution or guest items. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to read these before the party; with the exception of each guest reading their own character background. If you still insist on having someone else host the game, I would let her play a secondary character and ask her not to read these items I listed above. Anyone reading these would in no way help the game as our game is driven completely by the people playing their characters. Just use the Organizing labels to organize the items in the game and hand them out as specified on the labels and the step by step instructions in the Host Guide. This will insure your game runs smoothly.
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Re: Decorations

Postby LeahG » August 22nd, 2010, 8:41 pm

Thanks Mary. The main reason we are having a friend host is because the people coming are from all aspects of my life (family, depression support group, friends of me and hubby, mums I met when i had my daughter etc) and dont know each other. because so many people will only know a couple of people there and due to their personalities will find it hard to "mingle" so our host will match up the characters to the personalities of my friends (based on the note in thier character booklet) and make sure everyone is comfortable on the night.

Although we all want to do a murder mystery some of us are a little shy when approaching people we dont know so it is just a peace of mind thing to make sure it runs smoothly and everyone has a great night.

Our host is very excited to be hosting the event for us (he even offered to write one for me) so it isnt ruined for him and it means i dont have to read the secret clues for the scavenger hunt or the character personalities to match up the characters etc.

With the last one I did some of the personalities didnt suit (i.e loud and flirty went to a very quiet girl who knew no-one) so I want to make sure the characters match the players as best as possible and the relationship between characters and players mesh closely with their real life relationships - to avoid uncomfortable situations.
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