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PostPosted: January 25th, 2007, 1:05 am
by mikeez
I have a question regarding the downloadable version (specifically of 4 Deuces). Is it possible to upload them onto a CD or a USB stick so that I can print it away from my computer (I have access to a cheaper printer remotely)?

Also, if I were to order the boxed version, how much (and do you ship to) does shipping to Canada cost?

PostPosted: January 25th, 2007, 11:51 am
by 2coolbaby
Our licensing does allow you to make a copy for your own personal use. You cannot distribute copies in any way. This means that you can copy it to another computer, a CD or a memory sick, on the condition that it is only for your use. We also understand that many times multiple people work on, print and organize a game. This is allowable, as long as it is for the person that purchased the kit and owns the license.

Our main concern is preventing theft, or preventing someone from attempting to re-sell our copyrighted material. We police the web and auction sites every day to prevent this. It is a lot of work, but necessary. Some people have no scruples or morals. Sorry for the rant. Obviously, you are not one of these, or you would not have asked. I just thought I should make this clear, as it is a huge problem we have to deal with daily.