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Playing outside - Lights Out Problem

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Playing outside - Lights Out Problem

Postby 2coolbaby » June 9th, 2005, 10:48 am

In our Murder at the Four Deuces Games it says that you are supposed to turn out the lights. I get a lot of requests from people that are either playing outside in daylight or it isn't dark until too late on how to make this work.

There is a very easy way to deal with this. In fact I did it for my recent Memorial Day outdoor Murder at the Four Deuces 2 Party.

When it is time for the murder to occur get everyones attention and tell them something like this:

"Normally in this game at this time the lights go out. As you can see this isn't possible, so I need all of you to close your eyes for a moment & imagine the lights just went out." At this time make sure a gunshot sound is heard - A balloon popping works well, then tell you guests they can now open their eyes. I have found that if the host screams or gasps loudly at this time it brings the mood of the game right back.k :D

At this time the 'body' will be discovered.
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