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Death By Chocolate - M - #1 Extra Character Packet  - Digital

Death By Chocolate - M - #1 Extra Character Packet - Digital

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This Death By Chocolate Download Extra Character Packet was designed to easily add new characters to your event. These will not be the main suspects, but they will bring an added dimension to your party as each character is very colorful. They will not realize that they are extra characters.

Death By Chocolate Tame rating breakdown:

In this game, there are a couple of people who are in a relationship with others or secretly seeing each other.

The murder takes place at the party. 

Everything is done very tastefully so as not to offend.

Please Note: This game is not suitable for real conservative groups.
The exception to this would be if you were just having an all-girls party with no males attending. Then this would be suitable for groups that are a little open-minded, as the flings are mentioned, but the guilty parties will not be in attendance.