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The Immortal Murders Murder Mystery Party Game - C - Digital

The Immortal Murders Murder Mystery Party Game - C - Digital

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It's time for the Hidden Councils Annual Costume Ball. This is the social event of the year. The Royalty of the Mage Guild, Were Clans, Vampyr Houses and Fae Court will be in attendance. As always when the Immortal Court gathers you can expect political intrigue, barbed innuendos, backstabbing, and betrayal. Not much different than any other day among royalty.


It is whispered that there will be a special meeting of the Hidden Council at this year's annual Costume Ball to address the recent Watcher murders. Watchers are important to the Immortals and help keep their existence hidden from humanity. The Immortals, in turn, have sworn to protect the Watchers for their service.


For 8-20 Guests - Up to 30 with our Extra Character Packet!

We think you will be really pleased with the activities we have added to this unusual game!

In this game, there are 5 Artifact Weapon Cards. There will be a short scavenger hunt, with puzzles and clues, to locate these weapons. They can only be used once and no one can commit murder without a weapon card. These will be very valuable commodities.

You will also have 20 Spell Cards. Each guest gets to draw one from a hat. 10 spell cards are helpful game-wise and the other 10 are funny spells that will provide a lot of entertainment.


Immortal Murders Clean rating breakdown:

The murder takes place at the party.

There are a couple of flirtations, but the host guide tells you how to match up couples so that no one will be offended by this facet of the game.

Please Note: One character is a womanizer and thinks himself irresistible. We tell you which character this is and we advise real conservative groups to not assign him to a guest. So if you are a real conservative group, there will only be 19 usable characters in this game.