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The Immortal Murders - C - Extra Character Packet - Digital

The Immortal Murders - C - Extra Character Packet - Digital

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The Immortal Murders Download Extra Character Packet was designed to easily add new characters to your event. These will not be the main suspects, but they will bring an added dimension to your party as each character is very colorful. They will not realize that they are extra characters.

Immortal Murders Clean rating breakdown:

The murder takes place at the party.

There are a couple of flirtations, but the host guide tells you how to match up couples so that no one will be offended by this facet of the game.

Please Note: One character is a womanizer and thinks himself irresistible. We tell you which character this is and we advise real conservative groups to not assign him to a guest. So if you are a real conservative group, there will only be 19 usable characters in this game.