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The Santa Clause Murder Mystery Party Game - M - Digital

The Santa Clause Murder Mystery Party Game - M - Digital

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It's time for the annual Holiday Party for the law firm Lie, Cheat and Steal, a powerhouse law firm with influential ties to business, government, and politics. This party is one that everyone is just dying to attend. Quite literally that is. Mr. A. Big Scam, who was the next in line to become a Partner in the firm, was found stuffed up his chimney in the Santa suit he was going to wear to the party!

Someone leaked a statement to the press stating that Mr. Lie will be announcing his retirement and replacement at the party tonight. With Mr. Scam dead who will be the one to get this lofty and very sought-after partnership?


For 8-20 Guests - Up to 40 with our Extra Character Packets! - We have (2) 10 character Extra Character Packets available just for this game.


The Santa Clause is a contemporary murder mystery game that takes place at the Holiday Party of the law firm Lie, Cheat & Steal. With this many lawyers, and politicians involved, there is sure to be plenty of backstabbing going around.

Note: While there is a murder that takes place before the game, there is also a murder that takes place at the party.

The Santa Clause Tame rating breakdown:

The murder does take place at the party.

There are a few past affairs.

There is a character who nips the bottle a little and one who practices Voodoo.

These situations are handled in a humorous manner to keep things light and non-offensive. This game is NOT suitable for conservative individuals.