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About our Games

Our murder mystery games come in several formats:

BOXED: Our boxed party kits have everything you need to host an exciting murder mystery party. 

Boxed Games are shipped USPS. Barring any issues, we ship Priority Mail within five business days after placing the order. Download the Free Preview to get the Host Guide and Guest List Worksheet to help you assign characters. Read your receipt well, as it will have a link to download Character Background booklets that you can email to your guests so they can prepare for the party. Keep the printed booklets in the event the guest loses or forgets their background booklet. It happens... a lot. With these items, you only need your box the day before the party to sort out the items for the party. Reply to your receipt and let us know if your party is happening within the next week!

DOWNLOAD:  Our games are also available by Immediate Download Delivery. This version will be in Adobe Reader PDF format and contain everything you receive in the box kit, but you will print it yourself at your convenience.

VIRTUAL:  You can play our games via Zoom or another video platform, but instructions are for Zoom, and you will need an upgraded account to play past the 40-minute limit they set.


  • Character Booklets which contain:

    • Guest List

    • How to Participate in a Murder Mystery Instructions

    • Character Background

    • Any information the character may need.

  • Character Confidential Booklets - contain secrets, knowledge, and things to do.

  • Host Guide Booklet

  • Organizing Guide & Organizing Labels

  • Guest List Worksheet (to assign characters to guests).

  • Weapon & Action Cards - With Optional Weapon Card Scavenger Hunt

    • For use in further murders, plus adds a scavenger hunt to the party. (Not in Virtual Games, as that would be too tricky.)

  • Name Tags

  • Full-Size Evidence

  • Game Money (for all those nefarious schemes).

  • Evidence Presentation

  • Solution

  • Whodunit Cards and Worksheet

  • Props, graphics, or ebooks to enhance the kit (game dependent).

  • Certificates for:

    • Best Performer - For Oscar-deserving performance skills.

    • Dressed To Kill - For using outstanding creative imagination in costuming.

    • Super Sleuth - For using superior wits and detective skills to solve the mystery.

    • Super Villain - For being the sneakiest and most backstabbing player in the game.

    • Wealthiest Player - For using cunning, bribery, and other nefarious skills to amass the most wealth.

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