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Chocolate Theme Party Ideas

This page was created to provide all the resources you need to host the perfect chocolate theme party. It will save you time and money in your party planning. Here you will find spa recipes, decorations, activities, music, menu suggestions with recipes and much more. If you are looking for something not found here please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to find it.
Death By Chocolate - Experience the ultimate chocolate theme party with our all girls spa murder mystery party kit.

- Belgian Chocolate
- Brown, White & Caramel 
- Chocolate Facials
- Chocolate Fountain with Fruit
- Chocolate Scented Candles
- Chocolate Scented Soaps
- Chocolate Scented Fragrance
- Spa Robes & Slippers
- Serene / Soothing Music or CD
- Fresh flowers, greenery or plants in a creamy white, rose or pink color
- Small decorative bowls of chocolate truffles
- Lots of fluffy towels and wash cloths
- Cotton balls and nail polish remover
- Chilled Bottled Water on hand for your guests : Add cool labels to your water.

Costumes & Accessories: Spa

- Salon & Spa Apparel - great selection of spa robes and wrap a rounds.
- Footsie Pedicure Sets - Essentials by Catalina offers a wonderful selection of Footsie Pedicure Sets and they will not break the bank!
- Mesh Bag Bath Sets - Each bath set comes with all the needed items to have a relaxing time.

Books on Chocolate and more!

Chocolate & Vanilla -Award-winning pastry chef and Food Network star Gale Gand considers vanilla the lingerie of baking: It's an invisible essential, the thing you put on before anything else; but when given the spotlight, it's every bit as sexy and alluring as chocolate.   
- The True History of Chocolate - A masterpiece of scholarship, passion, and wit. No page is left un-turned, no folk history is left unchallenged in search of chocolate's veritable True History. 
- The Chocolate Connoisseur -  The chocolate buyer for the London department store Fortnum & Mason has taken it upon herself to educate the world about life beyond Snickers bars; the difference between "candy" and true chocolate.
- The Seven Sins of Chocolate - Lavish and sensual, this deluxe new companion for chocolate lovers combines, evocative, decadent photography with kitchen-friendly recipes.
- The Book of Chocolate - The Book of Chocolate, this lavishly illustrated book, now edited and brought up to date, takes readers on a journey through the history and production of the world's most seductive confection: chocolate.
- Swimming in Chocolate: Poems & Drawings -  A book of funny and not so funny poems and wonderful drawings.

Cakes: Elegant designs to compliment your party

- A & S Cakes - Black and white check, red roses, very elegant.
- Choccywoccydoodah - (I think I spelled that right:-) These are some beautifully designed Belgian chocolate cakes & truffles. Extraordinary!
- Katie's Cakes - Get some really unique ideas here from formal cakes to birthday cakes. Among many other ideas, one I really thought usefull was the Chocolate Truffle Tree. I think this would be simple & elegant to reproduce.

Decorations and Craft Items for a Spa theme party

The following graphics are in Adobe PDF format and designed to be used with our Death By Chocolate All Girls Pampering Murder Mystery Game:

- Lady Godiva Spa Welcome Sign - Impress your guests with the Lady Godiva Spa Welcome Sign.
- Lady Godiva Spa Sign In Sheet - A nice sign in sheet, for your guests to use when they enter the lavish and posh Lady Godiva Spa.
- Lady Godiva VIP Reception Sign - Use this sign to mark off areas for VIP guests.
- Lady Godiva Treatment Sign - This Treatment Sign, gives a list of the Treatments offered at Lady Godiva's Day Spa.
- Lady Godiva Sign In Sheet & Treatment List - Use this to allow your guests to sign in and also view the exclusive spa treatments.
- Lady Godiva Water Bottle Labels - A neat way to personalize your Death By Chocolate event. Just print on labels and stick on bottles of water.

- Shorties Candles - A good place to find relaxing scents as well as some very yummy chocolate scented candles.

Games & Activities : Spa Party

- Nope. Not Me. Never! - This game will mix truths, fibs and candy. Could a spa party have a better combination?
- Spa Treatment Recipes Activity - This PDF document holds four fun and easy spa treatment recipes that you can make at your party: Blueberry Toner, Apple Skin Toner and Rose Water. 

Recipes: Chocolate Theme Party  

- Chocolate Spa Recipe eBook - Designed and presented by Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games. This book is filled with wonder spa treatments made from chocolate.
- Free Chocolate eBook - Designed and presented by Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games and Diva Girl Parties & Stuff. Filled with wonderful chocolate delights.
- Death By Chocolate Cake - This is by far the easiest and best chocolate recipe we have run across. Our guests just rave about it. Decadent and delicious!
- Banana Chip Bundt Cake - This recipe is sure to make your guests mouth water.
- Chocolate Bar Filled Chocolate Cupcakes - A wonderful cupcake filled with yummy Hershey's Chocolate Bars.
- Chocolate Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake - A mix of chocolate and strawberry, a treat that will put a smile on any face..
- Cocoa Oatmeal Cake - A delight for any sweet tooth.
- Double Chocolate Cocoa Cupcakes - A small cake with a burst of chocolate.
- Chewy Peanut Butter Blossoms Cookies - A wonderful mix of peanut butter and chocolate filled centers.
- Pecan-Topped Chocolate Cookies - A rich chocolate cookie topped with a Pecan.
- REESE's Chewy Chocolate Cookies - A very nice cookie with REESE's in them.
- Hershey's Kitchen - A listing of many chocolate recipes from HERSHEY's.
- Chef2Chef - Hundreds of recipes for the chocolate lover.
- Chocolate of the Month Club - A great selection of Chocolate recipes from the Chocolate of the Month Club.
- iChef Recipes - A large selection of recipes from iChef.
FYI - Christopher Columbus is believed to be the first European to discover chocolate. When Columbus returned to Spain in 1502 from his fourth voyage to the New World, he introduced many treasures to the court of King Ferdinand. Among them were coca beans, almond shaped seeds from the cacao tree that are the source of all the chocolate and cocoa products we enjoy today!
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