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*Immortal Murders Extra Character Packet #1 - Boxed

*Immortal Murders Extra Character Packet #1 - Boxed
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List of characters in this extra character packet. This packet is to be used with our Immortal Murders game only.

Fae Court

Bounty is an Air Fairy and is also the Hidden Councils Bounty Hunter and Assassin when needed. People tend to get nervous when she shows up.

Cinder is a fire Fairy and the oldest known Immortal. He is the Captain of the Royal Guard and a member of the Hidden Council. He is one of King Oberon’s closest friends. He was also friend to the king’s brother Boreus.

Mage Guild

Gaiwen is married to Morgan Le Fay. Before the marriage he and Merlin were good friends. Merlin and Gaiwen were caught bringing mortals hidden in costumes to the annual costume ball, which is now simply referred to as the ‘Mortal Affair’. After that embarrassment, Gaiwen choose to leave the court.

Morgan Le Fay is Merlin and Morganna’s daughter and sister to Arthur. She disowned the entire family years ago. She has recently married the mage Gaiwen. Poor Gaiwen.

Vampyr House

Henrik is a Vampyr Catcher. His job is to locate and acquire missing, rogue or unknown Vampyr & return them to the Royal Vampyr House to deal with. Henrik had a secret crush on Guinevere when he left the Immortal World many years ago.

Jessica is a newly turned Vampyr being brought before the Prince. Turning a mortal without permission is prohibited & people are wondering who turned this new one.

Were Clans

Hathor has the power to root evil out of a soul and replace with goodness and love. She is a good friend with King Oberon who was her mentor.

Osiris is the Lord of the Underworld, gatekeeper for departed souls & guardian of the Book of the Dead.


James is the Councils Public Relations expert with deep ties within the media. It is his job to keep the existence of immortals hidden from the mortal world.

Tamara is banker to the Immortals and the niece of Professor Jackson. She is also in charge of charity fund raising and disbursements to certain mortal charities. She works closely with King Oberon in the Immortal Finances.
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*The Immortal Murders - Boxed
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